Due to a restoration, people were temporarily unable to visit the Rijksmuseum to view the Night Watch. So the assignment was simple: let the viewer experience The Night Watch while the museum is closed.

With primary school students as the target group, the video had to be an accessible and fun experience. The museum also wanted to use VR as an innovative technique. In 8K resolution, the video was recorded in Dutch and English. In the movie called ‘Dive deeper into The Night Watch’, Tyi guides you through the ins & outs of the Night Watch.

Rijksmuseum - The Night Watch.

Client: Rijksmuseum
Bureau: VR Owl
Type of production: 360 video campaign

Target group: Primary school students
Duration of the video:
Use of project:

We created zooms in the edit with a digital scan of the painting. This allows you to see details of the Night Watch that you would not be able to see during a normal museum visit. This together with sound effects ensures that you are almost literally drawn into the painting.

In a fun way you get to learn about the time period, the painter and the cultural impact of this painting. Tyi also tells you why this painting became so famous.

Rijksmuseum Nachtwacht in VR 1x1 1

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Beeldscherp is our long term video production partner. For all kinds of clients; from Huawei to more local organisations. We are particularly pleased with the flexibilty, reliablity and resourcefulness of the team. During preperations, on set, but especially during post-production.

Quinten de Beet.

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Our international video production company is located in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Projects are realized both on a project basis as well as a long-term partnership.

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