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Een portretfoto van Rick Cosijn van Beeldscherp voor een houten achtergrond

Rick Cosijn.

Portretfoto Jayden van Dee

Jayden van Dee.

Een portretfoto van Chris van den Heuvel van Beeldscherp voor een houten achtergrond

Chris van den Heuvel.

Film speaks to the imagination. Every visit to the cinema makes an impression. So why should corporate videos be ordinary?

It doesn’t have to! Beeldscherp (translates as Framesharp) is founded from this vision. A new generation of filmmakers who understand how important gripping and creative video content is for companies. Because in the world of on-demand video streaming is a meaningless corporate film not enough.


Joris Langezaal die framing checkt in zijn Beeldscherp werkkleding

With every project we first spend enough time to properly map out the essence of the organization of the assignment. After this we will start developing a suitable solution for the question that the client has given us. 

The filming can begin once everything is well prepared. During the day of the shoot we pay close attention to capture all the details razor sharp. We arrive with full batteries and empty SD cards. And at the end of a fun and productive shooting day we go home with empty batteries and full SD cards.

Back at the office. We have a lot of beautiful shots, impressive interviews and/or compelling pieces of music. These are the building blocks for the edit assembly. A fun puzzle that is different every time. We keep the client in the loop during the editing proces and we advise about the choices  that need to be made in the edit.


Dutch NFT Drops.

Spreken voor Publiek.

Fruit op je Werk.

Working with Beeldscherp is great fun. You see them climbing onto things, diving under tables. All to get that one perfect image.

Huibert-Jan van Roest.

Dutch NFT Drops


How can we help you? We’d love to come for coffee sometime. Or let’s get to know each other with a video call. 

Een portretfoto van Rick Cosijn van Beeldscherp voor een houten achtergrond


Founder | Filmmaker


Our international video production company is located in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Projects are realized both on a project basis as well as a long-term partnership.

We hold the believe that companies that utilize creative video in their marketing strategy will emerge as winners. Are you ready to achieve succes with video?


  • Spatial video production
  • 360 video production
  • Campagne video
  • Event video recording
  • Instructional video
  • Product video
  • Promotional video
  • Social media content
  • Testimonial video
  • Vacany video
  • Vlog
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