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We create videos with a purpose. Perhaps you want to showcase a product. Or you might need an aftermovie that captures the essence of an event. Beeldscherp’s services are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. 

Video campaign

Promotional video

Recruitment video

Event video

360 degrees video

Or are you looking for:

Company video

Client testimonial

Video portrait

Product demo video

Newsletter update

Video advert


Video report

Corporate vlogs

Website banner video

Video announcement

Explainer video

Trade show video

Teaser video

Vacany video


Tiktok videos

Behind the scenes video

Educational video

Branding video

Instructional video

Didn't find what you were looking for? We make all kinds of videos. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll help you out.


Make an appointment

First we get to know each other. We map out what the assignment is, what the objectives are and we set a realistic time frame.

Receive a tailor-made quotation

You will receive a tailor-made offer. We have considered the best way to proceed and how we can make the most of it. Our work begins once you approve the quote. 

Start of the project

The creation process begins. We further develop the assignment  and draw up a plan of action. We keep you in the loop so you always know what the state of affairs is.


Time to shoot. We travel to the location(s) with our professional equipment. We conduct interviews, we film beautiful b-roll shots and we only go home when we have captures everything we need.

Edit and delivery

We keep you in the loop during the assembly and the editing. You always get the opportunity to provide feedback, which we implement to the best of our abilities. Once the final approval has been given we close down the project.



We also rent our some of our equipment.

Testimonials about Beeldscherp.

Dutch NFT Drops.

Spreken voor Publiek.

Fruit op je Werk.

Beeldscherp is our long term video production partner. For all kinds of clients; from Huawei to more local organisations. We are particularly pleased with the flexibilty, reliablity and resourcefulness of the team. During preperations, on set, but especially during post-production.

Quinten de Beet.

Managing Director

VR Owl


How can we help you? We’d love to get coffee sometime. Or let’s get to know each other with a video call. 

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