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Impact with a spatial video production.

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A spatial video creates more impact than a regular video. Special techniques gives these videos a spatial dimension. The best comparison you can make is watching a movie in the cinema with 3D glasses on. A 360 degrees video can also have a spatial effect. 

We can produce spatial videos in 8K resolution, at 60 frames per second ensuring the highest quality spatial videos. The content really comes to life in a spatial headset, such as the Apple Vision Pro, the Meta Quest 3 or Pico 4. Spatial videos can also be shared on platforms that support this feature, such as YouTube. 

Spatial videos for marketing.

Behind the scenes foto van een video shoot op een dam in Portugal met Rick Cosijn

With a spatial video you can truly showcase your business. A behind the scenes glimpse like no other, that stays with your target audience. 

Why a spatial video production works for marketing:

Example of spatial videos for marketing.

For the German investment company Pangaea Life, we created spatial videos. They invest in energy projects across various European countries. By having a spatial video made, prospects can see what their money is buying abroad without having to board a plane. This not only helps Pangaea Life save on acquasition costs and reduce CO2 emissions, but we also hear that the spatial videos create a significant and lasting impact on their prospects and clients.  

Spatial video production?.

Spatial videos for education.

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Planning to create a series of onboarding videos? You can also opt for spatial onboarding videos. Because education with VR is 4 times faster than traditional education, and students are 3.75 times more engaged with the material (source). 

Why a spatial video production works for education:

Example of spatial videos for education.

At the Rijksmuseum, the Night Watch was temporarily unavailable to visit due to maintenance. To still educate elementry school students about the artwork, we produced a virtual video tour throughout the artwork. Using digital zoom ins and motion graphics, we highligted the unique elements of the Night Watch. You can even go behind the glass in the film, something not allowed in real life. 

Testimonials about Beeldscherp.

Dutch NFT Drops.

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Beeldscherp is our long term video production partner. For all kinds of clients; from Huawei to more local organisations. We are particularly pleased with the flexibilty, reliablity and resourcefulness of the team. During preperations, on set, but especially during post-production.

Quinten de Beet.

Managing Director

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    Our international video production company is located in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Projects are realized both on a project basis as well as a long-term partnership.

    We hold the believe that companies that utilize creative video in their marketing strategy will emerge as winners. Are you ready to achieve succes with video?


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