Theater group T-Jater.

Theater group T-Jater has a youth department: the T-Jater talents. They perform the ‘Will We Ever Be Free?’ play. This performance revolves around the theme of refugees, but from the childern’s perspective.

Theater group T-Jater approached Beeldscherp for the production of a video registration and a theater trailer. We fully recorded the performance with four cameras. We then also mounted the trailer with these images. 

Behind the scenes foto van de opnames tijdens de T Jater voorstelling

Theater trailer.

Client: Theater group T-Jater
Type of production: Trailer

Doelgroep: Theaterprogrammeurs 
Duratie video: circa 2 minuten
Verkoop van de theatershow

The challenge of this project was in the editing of the trailer. The trick is to hype up the viewer without giving to much away. That is why Beeldscherp and the client worked in close collaboration to make the final product.

The trailer is used to help with the sale of tickets, but also to get theater booking. The video registration of the show will primarily be used after the performance has left the theater. 

Dramatisch moment uit de voorstelling van toneelgroep T Jater

Dutch NFT Drops.

Spreken voor Publiek.

Fruit op je Werk.

Working with Beeldscherp is great fun. You see them climbing onto things, diving under tables. Just to get the perfect shot.

Huibert-Jan van Roest.

Dutch NFT Drops



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Een portretfoto van Rick Cosijn van Beeldscherp voor een houten achtergrond


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